For three decades, Dr. Weber has been serving residents in and around Little Rock with general and restorative dental treatments. While our practice hopes that no one suffers with a dental emergency, we know that accidents are sometimes a fact of life. When it comes to treating patients in need of care quickly, our practice offers emergency dental services. In addition to emergency care, we aim to prevent issues like infected and broken teeth with thorough checkups, preventive services, and restorations.

Knowing what to do in an emergency can help us accommodate your needs, restore oral function, and increase your comfort. In the event of an emergency, call our practice as soon as possible. Information such as the nature of your problem or injury is helpful so that we can prepare for your visit. Following are tips for handling dental emergencies.

Dental Emergency Tips

A dental emergency can strike at any time. For instance, you might wake up in excruciating tooth pain or knock a tooth loose after an accidental fall. Whatever the case might be, acting quickly and staying calm can make a difference.

Keep our practice information handy at all times. We recommend storing our phone number in your phone. Keep our business cards in your wallet, purse, or work desk so that you can reach us as soon as possible.

Explain the nature of your injury and your symptoms to our staff when you call. Our team can give tips to manage discomfort until you are able to visit us.

Wear protective oral appliances like mouthguards during physical activities and contact sports to prevent injuries to teeth and gums.

Place pieces of a broken tooth in milk or Save-A-Tooth solution and contact our office right away.


Our team is committed to helping our patients enjoy vibrant oral health. If you have a broken tooth, toothache, or a loose restoration, call us as soon as possible to make an appointment.

Emergency Dental Care FAQS

Dental emergencies are instances where a person requires expedient professional treatment. Many dental emergencies are caused by facial trauma. For instance, contact sports or accidental falls can cause traumatic dental injuries. Other emergencies can be caused by untreated disease like advanced tooth decay.

Instances where a person might need same-day treatment include severe toothaches or broken/knocked out teeth. Sometimes, other issues require timely treatment but not necessarily on the same day. Loose crowns or fillings need to be addressed quickly but patients can wait a day or two, if needed.

In the event of a dental emergency, we recommend calling our practice as soon as possible so that we can accommodate your needs in a timely manner. We can make room in our schedule when patients need same-day treatment. When calling, be sure to describe the nature of your oral health issue and any other information you feel is important.

When it comes to same-day emergency dental care, our practice strives to accommodate the needs of our patients as soon as possible. Common reasons a person will need timely treatment are dislodged or knocked out teeth and severe toothaches. Sometimes patients visit us for emergency appointments if they have developed abscessed teeth. Issues like loose or broken restorations might not require same-day treatment.

The minute you suspect that you need emergency care, call our practice. This will give us an opportunity to make room in our schedules and prepare for your visit. If you have a serve emergency where you have lost significant amounts of blood or suspect that you have broken facial or jaw bones, visit your nearest hospital’s emergency room.

Broken teeth require professional treatment. A chip or crack in a tooth will expose the sensitive structures of teeth beneath the surface of tooth enamel to oral bacteria and debris. Exposing these areas of a tooth can lead to painful infections where the nerve endings in the root canal become inflamed. Infected teeth that go untreated can die or become abscessed. Moreover, the softer structures of teeth under enamel cannot hold up to the force associated with chewing and biting food.

A small chip or crack can worsen quite quickly. If you have a broken tooth, call our practice as soon as possible. We need to know the cause and extent of your injury along with your symptoms so that we can prepare for your visit - especially if you need same-day treatment. Broken teeth can be repaired with restorations like crowns and if the root canals become infected, endodontic therapy might be necessary to prevent the loss of a biological tooth.

The most common reasons people might visit our practice for dental emergencies include painful infections caused by infected root canals and from facial injuries that dislodge or knock out teeth. The formation of a crack or chip is also a typical reason why a person might need timely treatment. Severe dental emergencies where bones might be broken or if one is bleeding profusely should be treated at a hospital.